towerhouse is a Scottish based video production company. Considerable experience in broadcast media, working for BBC, Sky, STV,  and training. We supply a wide variety of services from complete DVD production to media training, web video and  camera and editing facilities.  Work has taken us all over the UK, and supplying services to other major producers.
Our satisfied clients have  found that effective communication need not - and should not - be pricey. We constantly strive for customer satisfaction - client endorsements can be found HERE. Please use CONTACT  to discuss your project and requirements.


Video communication is now an essential component in any organisation's strategy, be it SME or public sector. We have worked on many projects, from multinational satellite conferences to technical training films. As can be seen from clients' comments, we have the experience to translate complex messages into clearly-understandable and compelling broadcasts.  Once,  video was seen as an expensive afterthought, which came into the luxury bracket. Now, with increasing reliance on web communication, a carefully conceived film can serve multiple purposes, including online marketing, training, sales and internal communications. We have the knowledge to advise on the many uses for this flexible medium, and  understand how the landscape is continuing to evolve. . In short, we're up to speed.